Large Milling

Large Horizontal Boring Mills

large cnc machining

Precise is equipped with large CNC machining equipment, this HBM has impressive travels of 160″ vertical and 240″ cross travel. This combination of travel along with it’s 66,000 lb. Full axis rotary table make this machine a competitive workhorse. To enhance the machines capability we have a 60 ton overhead remote controlled crane installed.

blade - large diameter turning

This Kuraki horizontal machining center is set up for peripheral machining of a blade ring.

By indexing the table, we can machine features all around the outside diameter of the part

large horizontal milling

Sense of scale is impressive.

In this photo, the operator can be seen in the crows nest to the right, giving you a sense of size of the part.

Just one setup.

This multi-pallet horizontal machining system gives us the flexibility to machine multiple parts or first operation machining and second operation machining all within one set up.

large machining
large horizontal milling

The Zayer 30 has the capability to mill parts up to 40 feet long.

It also has a 5-sided positioning head for machining on all sides of the part.

large cnc milling
large cnc milling
large cnc milling

Come at a part from every angle.

The head is shown working vertical, horizontal, right and left and can be positioned at any angle in between.

This large compressor casting is being machined on our largest horizontal boring mill.

This is a split-ring inlet casting for a gas turbine for power generation, machined in halves.

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