Biggest Challenges in Large Part Manufacturing


When looking to drive up more business large part manufacturing is perhaps an option. Offering clear results and benefits that beat the competition and reduce time to market. Choosing large manufacturing brings together aspects of waste management and factory-line optimization with, to streamline the process and cut the highest manufacturing costs.

However, it has to be considered that implementing large manufacturing is rarely an easy process. There are several common issues that appear, from skeptical teammates and frustration of just giving the process time to work

As with any new process you will need team “buy in” at the shop-floor level. The individuals who do the work are the ones who need to be the most invested in the process if you want it to succeed. Start by picking one of your best workers, and get them to buy into the new approach. In the meantime, everyone else should stick the usual routine. That one team will begin the transition, and will succeed, giving everyone else an example of what works. Then, individuals or whole teams will come into the process on their own terms, fully invested and ready to contribute.

Then be sure to stick through the rough spots, and the down turn. The biggest mistake comes when teams end the experiment prematurely. It takes more time than you may expect to get it right, which can lead you to think that the process is broken. The pattern is common: the team loses energy, leadership loses trust, and the transition ultimately fails.

Every manufacturing process needs time to work well. Teams must have this time to relearn the work, build trust and grow before reliable production starts to take place. Your role is to keep the team’s spirits high and allow them to fail and learn when needed. The worst mistake that organizations make is to give up early. Remember that the one characteristic that all successful organizations share is that they stick through the process.

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