Large Part CNC Milling

Large Part CNC Milling
large cnc machining

Build extra large parts – up to 60 tons – with our large milling machines. Base plates, fabricated weldments, and any large cast components can all be machined to your exact specs. Our multi-purpose, high-speed, and high-precision horizontal boring mills can machine diverse shapes of heavy parts to satisfy whatever project you need.

No matter how large the parts we build, we will also inspect their quality down to .0001”. Tight tolerances are a critical component of an accurately machined piece.

blade - large diameter turning

Large Milling Capabilities

Milling machines are designed to cut through solid materials, such as brass, aluminum, copper alloys, steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, space-age metal, and titanium. Often automated, our milling machines will run off a solid model created by our client or our internal engineering department. We use a tool with a rotating cutter to machine parts into incredibly precise shapes and sizes.

Tooling Requirements

Large milling machines can be fitted with a number of tool heads to accomplish different needs and may include cutters, face mills, fluted mills, and ball end mills. Many machines are also equipped with automatic tool changers to reduce machine time and cost. If you don’t have the proper tooling to create your piece, we’ll be happy to create one for you. We can design and build the proper tool once we have an accurate CNC machining program.

Delivery Time

Delivery time will depend on the specs of your project. We work for a 99% on time delivery performance. Our 2 shift ability improves delivery dates and decreases your lead time. Red alert services are also available. Request a quote to get a specific lead time on your part.

Large Milling Dimension Capabilities

Our large milling machines are capable of building parts with:

  • Lengths up to 40 feet
  • Up to 60 tons
  • Our largest envelope is 6 meters by 4 meters
large cnc milling
large cnc milling
large cnc milling
large horizontal milling
large machining

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