Small Turning

Round Parts Starting at 4” Diameter


Your small parts turning requirements are a cinch on these hi-speed machines.

A new generation of machine tools were born with Mazaks Quick Turn, Nexus and Integrex style machines.  Truly making precision small turning possible. These machines bring together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance for your turning needs.

Small CNC turned parts, compressor parts, and aerospace parts.

Integrex J-400.

This multi-tasking mill/turn machine has the flexibility to turn parts up to 20” in diameter with full angular milling capability. Featuring a full B-Axis Ram, slots, keyways or any milled features can easily be machined into your turning work.

Quick Turn 350.

This 2-axis turning center can handle parts up to 16” in diameter and 24” long. Adding to our battery of CNC lathes this machine feature the new “Smooth” control makes cutter path adjustments to shorten cycle times.

These Multi-Tasking, dual-spindle machines make turning and milling a simple task all in one set-up. You can use both spindles to machine the front and back side of parts for single-setup production. Their synchronized rotation delivers high-accuracy for operations like shaft work and end caps.

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