High-Precision at the Core of Every Machine Shop

precision machining

Running a successful machine shop can often be a very personal effort. A lot of shops start off as a one man operation, as the continue to grow they want to be able to offer that same personal touch, attention to detail and precision. The result of these types of insights and hard work by an individual or a family or group, contribute in large parts to a shops success. Other times, the success of a shop can be framed as the outcome of well-conceived, developed, well chosen manufacturing technology. However, in man cases, a shop’s success comes from a combination of personal and technical achievements.

In operating a machine shop, a manufacturing, fabricating, or assembly operation or any operation that involves product and process design, troubleshooting, CAM programming, tool design and selection, quality control, etc. — you learn quickly that precision defines what you do and how you do it.

Precision should be at the core of every machine shop. This is not simply to complete turning, grinding, milling, etc. with exceptional accuracy and finish quality but to also get every task, problem, idea or inquiry addressed effectively, and efficiently. The benefits of precision can relate back to the benefits of classic lean manufacturing. Which are sometimes elusive for manufacturers that produce a variety of parts in low volumes. Every machine shop feels the need for speed, as well as the very best in accuracy and quality. No wasted steps, no missed opportunities.

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