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precision machining graduates

This past Friday July 21st our most recent class of CNC Machinist trainee’s made their way to graduation! In case you missed it in 2012, Precise recognized the need for skilled machinists, and decided to begin training highly motivated students within their own facilities. There has been a lack of skilled machinist coming out of high school and trade schools over the past few decades with the demand for a college degree being so high. The baby boomer generation were all known for the great trades, while generation Y and millennials were continuously taught about the importance of traditional college and university educations. This lead to a significant need that continues to grow for skilled machinists in industries such as ours.

In order resolve the issue of having a small pool of qualified job applicants for our growing machine shop we created a small workshop and classroom under the very same roof. The Precise CNC Machining Institute was born. PCMI provides excepted candidates the ability to learn machining, starting from the very basics, and get paid doing it. This coming from a company who’s been successful at it for almost 40 years. Our goal at PCMI is to train students for a lifelong career in the CNC Machining trade.

To prepare students for employment as entry level CNC Machinists. The training program focuses on developing skills in the safe operation of machine tools such as lathes, mills, grinders, drill presses with an emphasis on CNC mills and CNC lathes. Overall quality techniques will be covered as well as proficient use of precision measuring tools and interpreting industrial drawings.

Did you know? The average salary for a machinist in industry today is ranked the seventh highest among all American professions (including doctors, lawyers, etc.) There is a need for skilled tradesmen in the workforce with over 50 percent of all machinists in America today preparing to retire in the next 10 to 15 years. This is why we give our students the opportunity to “Earn as you learn”! Students will earn $10/hr during their training! We want to put more skilled machinists out on to our shop floor a continue the American tradition of quality tradesmen. PCMI is our solution to that.

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