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equipment list

CNC Horizontal Boring Mills with Automatic Tool Changers

Qty.NameSpindle SizeTable TypeTable SizeX TravelY Travel
2KURAKI KBT-156″CNC Rotary110″ x 110″240″160″
2HNK HB-1506″CNC Rotary78″ x 86″157″98″
2HNK HB-1305″CNC Rotary78″ x 86″157″98″
2TOSHIBA BP-1305″CNC Rotary78″ x 86″160″100″
9KURAKI KBT-135″CNC Rotary63″ x 71″157″90″
1KURAKI KBT-135″Plain Table59″ x 157″157″90″
2KURAKI KBT-114.3″CNC Rotary55″ x 63″79″59″
1TOSHIBA BTD-114.3″CNC Rotary55″ x 63″79″59″
1ZAYERUniversalPlain Table60″ x 450″409″79″
1MAZAK H40-Q4.5″2 Pallets63″ x 118″160″80″
1OM NEO ALPHA 1659″C-Axis59″78″8,000 lbs.

CNC VTL's / Vertical Boring Mills with Automatic Tool Changers

QtyNameUnder RamTable TypeChuck SizeSwingCapacity
The machine has turning and milling tool changers, Y-axis gantry and 5-axis programmable head
136″C-Axis157″216″88 tons
1SCHIESS VTL90″C-Axis157″157″40 tons
2TOSHIBA TSS-40/5580″Rotary157″216″22 tons
 1TOSHIBA TSS-25/4070″Rotary98″157″15 tons
1OM OMEGA 5024″Rotary36″40″2,220 lbs
1OM OMEGA 6032″Rotary49″59″4,400 lbs
1OM VTLEX 110032″Rotary44″49″4,400 lbs
1OM NEO 1659″Rotary59″78″8,000 lbs
1TOSHIBA TUE 1544″Rotary59″71″8,000 lbs
1OM NEO ALPHA 1659″C-Axis59″78″8,000 lbs.

CNC (FMS) Flexible Manufacturing Systems

QtyNameMachinesTable TypeTable SizeX TravelY Travel
The FMS cell has (3) machines, each machine has 120 tool changers, (60) 24″ sq. pallets with storage system and the stacker robot unit
(3) H-63060 pallets24″ x 24″41″32″
The FMS cell includes (1) 5 axis horizontal / vertical CNC machining center, (1) 160 tool changer, (16) pallets, (8) 32″ round chucks, and (8) 32″ sq. pallets
(1) E-80016 pallets32″ x 32″43″32″

CNC 5-Axis Milling

QtyNameMachinesTable TypeTable SizeX TravelY Travel
5MAZAK VARIAXIS630-5X2 pallet20″ x 25″25″30″
5MAZAK VARIAXIS5002 pallet16″ x 20″20″20″

CNC Horizontal Milling

QtyNameMachinesTable TypeTable SizeX TravelY Travel
1MAZAKH-10002 pallet40″ x 40″40″53″
3HAASEC-5002 pallet20″ x 20″36″20″

CNC Vertical Milling

QtyNameMachinesTable TypeTable SizeX TravelY Travel
1MAZAKAJV-35/80Plain35″ x 80″80″35″
2MAZAKAJV-60/80Plain59″ x 80″80″59″
1MAZAKAJV-60/160Plain59″ x 160″160″60″
4MAZAKAJV-60/120Plain59″ x 120″120″60″
2MAZAKNEXUS-510CPlain20″ x 41″41″20″
1MAZAKNEXUS-410APlain20″ x 22″22″20″
1MAZAKNEXUS-410BPlain20″ x 32″32″20″
1MAZAKV655-60Plain30″ x 60″60″30″
1MAZAKV655-80Plain30″ x 80″80″30″
4HAASSUPER VF-4Plain18″ x 54″48″24″

CNC Turning

QtyNameMachinesChuck Dia.Tail StockC to CTurn Dia.

CNC Turning / Milling Machines

QtyNameMachinesChuck Dia.Tail StockC to CTurn Dia.
One of these machines has a gantry loader for unattended operations
These machines have full 5-axis capability
INTEGREX-400-3S 12″Sub-spindle40″22″
this machine has vertical and horizontal 5 axis capability and 2 pallets
INTEGREX E1060 40″N/AN/A49″

Tool Room Equipment

2BRIDGEPORT milling machines with mill power controls
1DOALL 16″ swing engine lathe x 60″ center to center
1PRECISION tool room lathe x 25″ center to center
1MOORE jig grinder #3 with 11″ x 18″ travels
1SUNNEN precision hone and all mandrels to 6″ diameter
1THOMPSON hydraulic surface grinder 10″ x 24″
1SHIGIYA ID / OD cylindrical grinder 10″ dia. x 60″ long
2BOYAR SCHULTZ 6″ x 12″ surface grinders


1DOALL 20″ Vertical Cut-Off Band Saw
1DOALL 16″ Vertical Band Saw
1HYDMECH 16″ Vertical Saw
1KASTO 14″ Cold Cut-Off Saw
1MARVEL 12″ Vertical Cut-Off Band Saw

Inspection Department

1CMM DEA OMEGA with Z = 40″, Y = 60″, Xx = 160″, PC DMIS capable
1CMM BROWN & SHARPE with Z = 27″, X = 39″, Y = 29″, PC DMIS capable
2CMM BROWN & SHARPE with Z = 37″, X = 86″, Y = 47″, PC DMIS capable
1LEICA laser tracker, ground based with 98 ft volume capability
2Optical comparators
VariousNumerous surface plates up to 10 ft. x 16 ft. Square gage block sets for setting dial bore gages to 150″. Large dial bore gage sets up to 150″. Large micrometer sets up to 72″. Large vernier sets up to 120″. Granite squares to 48″. All necessary tools and gages to compliment our shop.

Software Capability

SPC software
PC DMIS software
Calibration software
Bar code software
Mazak offline programming
Full DNC download to all machines

Fuser / Roller Core Department

3MORI SEIKI, 25″ swing, 4 axis CNC lathes used to turn cores and strip rubber
3MAZAK, dual turn 20 CNC transfer lathes, with auto load and unload used to produce end gudgeons for fuser cores
3MAZAK, quick turn 15 CNC lathes
1Automatic ultrasonic hot water parts washer

Welding Department

2MILLER CP-300 MIG welders
1MILLER DELTA WELD 452 MIG welder, dual feed wire
1MILLER MAXTRON 450 CC/CV DC inverter arc welder
1MILLER INVISION 456P DC inverter arc welder
1MILLER 300 stick welder
1MILLER 350-LX square wave TIG welder
7MILLER 250 TIG welders
4Spot welders 75 KVA to 250 KVA
1Stud welding machine
1THERMAL DYNAMICS 400XL plasma cutter
1RANSOME 20,000 lb. welding positioner
1RANSOME 10,000 lb. welding positioner
1ARONSON 5,000 lb. sky hook welding positioner

Material Handling Equipment

 1Pallet stacker lift 3,000 lbs
2Fork lift 6,000 lbs.
1Fork lifts 5,000 lbs.
6Fork lift 4,000 lbs.
1Fork lift 60,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs versa-lift
1Fork lift 17,500 lbs
1Fork lift 16,000 lbs
1Fork lift 13,500 lbs

Over Head Cranes

160 ton crane bay with (2) 30 ton cranes
150 ton crane bay
320 ton crane bays
210 ton crane bays
25 ton crane bays

Tool Crib

1Computerized tool storage system
4Tool and cutter grinders
1WINSLOW automatic drill grinder
1CHEVELIER surface grinder
2PARLEC CNC optical tool setters

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