When looking for suppliers capable of manufacturing parts that are designed for harsh drilling, oil rigs and other mining operations- Precise Tool is the choice.

Kuraki & Toshiba machining centers offer precision results for valves, seals, side plates and much more.

Precise is known for our ability to work with large parts and exotic material. Precise Tool produces some of the world most reliable assemblies for leading OEM’s in the Oil and Gas industry, helping to keep the America Running!

We have on-site inspection capability for extra-large parts with LEICA Laser Tracker technology and a full state of the art inspection lab for smaller parts.

We’re Dedicated To Offering Leading CNC Innovation For Energy Independence and Costs Savings for U.S. Based Contract Manufacturing needs.

We machine a variety of materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Inconel 
  • Titanium
  • And Many Other Specialty Materials

With almost four decades in hundreds of custom machined parts, Precise Tool has the equipment & technical expertise to be competitive in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

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