Precise produces a vast array of extra-large parts - up to 60 tons - with our extra large Horizontal Boring Mills. Forgings, fabricated weldments, and large cast components can all be machined to your specific dimensions.

Our high precision Horizontal Boring Mills, combined with almost 50 years of intuition, make Precise tool the ideal partner for your next large machining project.

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Large Milling Capabilities

Through the years, Precise has invested in the equipment to be a top supplier for many of the Nation’s leading industries. Precise Tool has over 20 large (up to 409” on the X) Horizontal Boring Mills under one roof. This type of capacity ensures your project  doesn’t get lost in backlog like the “other guys”.   

Tooling Requirements

Large milling machines can be outfitted with a variety of tool heads to accomplish a desired feature of the part. Some may include End Mills, Saw Blades, Face Mills, Fluted Mills, Thread Mills and even Ball End Mills. If we don’t have the right tool for the job on site, Precise can make custom tooling or work with one of our 10+ tooling suppliers. Precise takes pride in having the right tool for the job, thus decreasing cycle time and increasing accuracy/tolerance.

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Delivery Time

Delivery of you parts will depend on the specs of the project. Precise has a goal of 100% ON TIME and will work to your requirements through constant communication and updates. Red Alert services are also available for an added fee. Request a quote for a specific lead time on you parts!

To speak with a member of our team, start a free quote, or get additional information on any of the services we provide, get in touch with Precise Tool & Manufacturing today.

We can be reached by phone at 585-247-0700 or via e-mail by filling out the contact form on our secured website.