With 40+ years of experience in the energy sector, Precise Tool is at the fore-front of power generation manufacturing. Whether parts are being used in Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear or other power generation sub-sectors, Precise Tool has you covered.   

With cutting edge CNC machining solutions, and our capacity for large scale parts or projects, Precise Tool is your trusted machining supplier. We manufacture everything from Turbines and Tube Sheets, to Boilers or Blade Rings.

We take pride knowing custom parts we produced are in use across the United States keeping America’s power plants efficient and reliable.

Our large boring mills and lathes have 40-60 ton cranes overhead that ensure extra-large rings, wheels, blades, plates, and the largest turbine fabrications can be machined.

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We work every day with executives and project managers to improve the use of time, tolerance, and total cost through our state of the art manufacturing facility.

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