Frames, Bases and Complex Fabrications. Fabrication is the building of metal structures through cutting, bending, assembling, machining and finishing raw pieces.

Today’s welding and fabrication shops are incredibly modern and high-tech, giving organizations the ability to build just about anything they want. Your need for complex parts and quick turnarounds is matched by our commitment to quality and workmanship in every piece we create.

Create custom machines, parts, and structures from our modern welding booths and state of the art support equipment. We can produce fabrications up to 20,000 pounds in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Whether it be a simple platform to a large and complex fabrication, Precise has turnkey solutions to your parts manufacturing.

Metal Fabrication Processes

We’ll start with engineering drawings and precise measurements and will then move on to the fabrication phase, where raw material will undergo several processes to create the final project. Every project is different, but here are a few of the processes we’ll use to build your parts.

  1. Cutting – This is the most commonly used metal fabrication process. Raw materials are cut to spec, using a number of processes, including burning, plasma cuts, saw cuts, waterjet, or laser cuts.
  2. Bending – Various types of tools are used to bend the metal into its desired shape, whether that be a V-bend, a U-bend, or a custom form required by the project.
  3. Assembling – Once all the pieces have been formed into their desired shape, assembly can occur. We will fuse the metals together by welding, brazing, and riveting.
  4. Machining – Because of the uncertainties of the assembly process, a final round of machining may be needed to bring a part back into spec.
  5. Finishing – After the part is assembled, the surface is treated with coatings, paints, and other custom surface treatments.

Industries Benefiting From Welding And Fabricating.

Any industry that needs custom metal parts will benefit from welding and fabrication, but here are a few of the industries we service regularly.

  • Structural manufacturing
  • Commercial printing
  • Power generation
  • Boiler, tank, and shipping container manufacturers
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Specialty manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Any original equipment manufacturers

Get Custom Fabricated Parts.We offer additional value to our customers by including welding, cutting, forming, and machining.

Precise can build the entire project from start to finish, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and timelines. Request a quote and we can determine if we are the right manufacturer to build your metal fabrications.

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