(Flexible Manufacturing System)

Precise Tool's MAZATROL-FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) uses a giant robot to transfer set-ups from it's 60 pallet system to precision CNC machining bays hooked up throughout it’s reach.

Systems like these directly improve efficiency for machining complex, multi-set up projects.

True JIT Manufacturing

Our flexible manufacturing systems allow us to quickly adapt to a changing manufacturing environment, improving process efficiency and lowering production cost. For nearly five decades, flexible manufacturing systems have allowed companies to create products quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility is demonstrated in two ways. First, the machine flexibility refers to how much a system can adapt in order to create new products. This also includes the ability to deal with mixed parts, allow variations in the parts assembly and variations in process sequence, change the production volume, and change the design of the product being manufactured at any given time.

Second, the routing capability is the ability of a system to use many machines to perform the same operations on one part. This type of flexibility allows the system to build a batch set of specialty products in a certain quantity, then automatically switch over to a new set of products in a certain quantity.

We can support annual volumes or productions based on customer requirements.

Advantages Of Flexible Manufacturing

When producing parts in mass quantity, flexible manufacturing will save you money, such as:

  • Enhancement of production efficiency – downtime is reduced because the need to shut down production to switch setups is eliminated
  • Greater labor productivity – less machine operators are needed since all cells are interconnected
  • Shorter lead times – one setup means a quicker finished product
  • Increased production rate – build as many parts as you want

Our Machines

Mazak E-800V & E-1060V

Quality is our business and these machines make doing business easy. The Mazak E-800V and E-1060V are the most advanced multi-tasking 5-axis machines in the world. Both vertical Integrex machines can handle simple 2D parts thru complex 5-axis machining in both turning and milling, eliminating costly set-ups.


16 pallets, 5-axis turning and milling up to 28″ diameter and 39″ under the tool.


Two pallets, 5-axis turning and milling up to 49″ diameter and 49″ under the tool.

60 Pallet- 3 Horizontal Machine 360 Tool Cell

Our 60 Pallet- 3 Horizontal Machine 360 Tool Cell system delivers true just-in-time (J.I.T.) manufacturing. This cell, with the pallet stacker robot and smart cell controller, allows Precise Tool and Manufacturing Inc. to produce and deliver parts to satisfy the expectations of our customers. With customer commitment to annual volume, we can reduce cost per part, improve quality, and reduce inventory.

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