Every product produced by Precise Tool and Manufacturing Inc. will be the benchmark of quality using our Coordinate Measurement Machines.

This is a direct result of innovation and continuous improvement for our employees to use the latest available technology. If we can make it, we can check it!

When To Use CMM Inspection

Inspection should always be used after manufacturing a part to compare its measurements against the original design. Without the critical and final check, parts cannot be put into production.

CMM Inspection Capabilities

  • Inspect linear tolerances held to less than 0.0001”
  • Articulating head
  • Vision accuracy to 0.0001”
  • Temperature/humidity controlled lab
  • Programmable positioning for multi-angle probing

Laser Inspection

Our laser tracker is accurate to 10 microns per meter and is capable of measuring up to a distance of 35 meters. This wholly portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) is SPC capable and allows Precise Tool to accurately measure all size of assemblies, machined parts, and conduct machine capability studies. Our Browne and Sharpe laser gives us the ability to validate close tolerances on large parts in real time at the machining centers, ensuring your part is accurate before it’s even finished.

Benefits of Laser Tracking

  • Portability – our laser tracker can be brought directly to the part, making it easy to take measurements in any environment
  • Easy operation – its ease of use makes it a more cost effective choice than traditional metrology measuring tools
  • Continuous measurement – Points can be measured continuously, including critical areas such as thermal growth and shrinkage.
  • Highest precision and accuracy – Outside of a lab, no other method of measuring is more precise than laser inspection.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance program is focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled, both by our internal staff and through our clients’ expectations.

In addition to our laser and CMM inspection capabilities, we have surface plates up to 120” by 192” for open plate inspection and dimensional verification of large parts.

Quality Policy

Precise Tool and Manufacturing is dedicated to achieving excellence through quality products and quality services. This can only be achieved through the continual improvement of all aspects of our business.

The quality of our products, processes, and service are the result of a commitment of Precise Tool and Manufacturing to the following quality principles:

  • Quality is consistency, and is achieved through the reduction of variability about a given target.
  • Quality is the result of innovation and the continuous improvement efforts of all employees.
  • Quality is achieved by using the latest available technology and methods; by processes that are well maintained, in control, and are capable; and by trained, skilled employees that are dedicated to achieving quality.
  • Quality is dependent on the teamwork and cooperation of every individual, every department, and every division.
  • Quality results in customer satisfaction through performance, which creates superior value in terms of product quality, cost, delivery, technical support, and customer service.

Download our quality policy here.

From first piece through in-process to final inspection, Precise Tool delivers a quality product.

Every product produced by Precise will be the benchmark for quality within its market segment. This is a direct result of innovation, the latest available technology and processes, and continual improvement efforts.

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