Parts Manufactured Directly from CAD Files. Need to create a short-run, working model of your product for testing?

We’ll help you create prototypes that are fully functional and ready for rigorous application testing.

Our engineers can tackle your most difficult applications with ease, either from customer-created drawings to 3-D models and drawing files we develop ourselves.

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Once parts are machined, they flow directly into the inspection department, where the part is inspected to the CAD file and GD&T print and released for shipment that same day.

Our state-of-the-art CNC quick turnaround prototype department has the capacity to easily manufacture parts, and with full 5-axis machining capabilities, we can eliminate set-ups, save lead-time, and reduce part cost.

Along with our rapid prototyping department comes the ability to manufacture parts directly from model files. This means we only require a CAD file and a basic print calling out Critical to Function Dimensions or GD&T. With this information, we generate a machining program offline and download it directly into the machine’s control. By eliminating programming time at the machine, we can start jobs as soon as the material hits the floor.

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