In the world of machining, there are projects that push the boundaries of complexity and demand exceptional precision. One such remarkable endeavor was the creation of a die-set compressor part here at Precise Tool & Manufacturing. This extraordinary component, resembling a large circle with deep rivets milled inside, posed unique challenges and required the expertise of skilled CNC machinists. Let's dive into the fascinating details of this project and explore the process, techniques, and innovation involved.

  1. Machined on a KURAKI Horizontal Boring Mill: To accomplish the precise milling of the die-set compressor part, our team employed the capabilities of a KURAKI Horizontal Boring Mill. This sophisticated machine provided the necessary power and versatility to handle the size and complexity of the component. With its extensive reach and rigid construction, the KURAKI mill enabled us to achieve the high levels of accuracy required for this demanding project.

  2. We specialize in large milling services, catering to projects that require machining on an exceptional scale. Our extra-large machining area is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, allowing us to tackle substantial and intricate components. For a more comprehensive understanding of our capabilities, please visit our webpage dedicated to large part CNC milling here!

  3. Milling Half Circle Segments: The die-set compressor part, with its unique circular shape and deep rivets, required meticulous planning and execution. To achieve the desired outcome, the circle was milled in half-circle segments, and when completed are bolted together. This strategic approach allowed us to optimize accuracy, ensure uniformity, and maintain structural integrity throughout the milling process.

  4. The die-set compressor part was no lightweight contender. With a total weight of approximately 22,000 lbs, it posed a logistical challenge during machining. However, our team rose to the occasion, employing their expertise and innovative solutions using our built-in capabilities to achieve the job, such as our 60 ton cranes. Furthermore, during the milling process, we extracted around 9,000 lbs of excess material, filling 5-6 chip bins. which is recycles to minimize waste and contribute to a greener future in our comittment to sustainability.

The die-set compressor part project stands as a testament to the mastery of CNC machining and the capabilities of our team at Precise Tool and Manufacturing. Through the utilization of our KURAKI Horizontal Boring Mill and our expertise in large milling services, we achieved unparalleled precision and quality. The division of the circular part into half-circle segments allowed us to maintain consistency and ensure optimal results.

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As we extracted thousands of pounds of excess material and recycled the chips, we demonstrated our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. The successful completion of this project showcases our dedication to pushing boundaries, overcoming challenges, and delivering exceptional results!

At Precise Tool and Manufacturing, we take pride in our ability to undertake complex and demanding projects, providing our clients with innovative solutions and unparalleled quality! Learn more about our processes on our website, and request a quote today!